Item Profile:   Pastel - Alexander Sharpe Ross

nic: Pastel - Alexander Sharpe Ross

name: Through the looking glass - Alex Ross

price: $1400

location: Phoenix

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pastel by alexander Sharpe Ross

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Product profile
Category:   wall art
Brief Summary:

I found this pastel in a small gallery in San Carlos, CA in the mid 1980s. I believe the signature is of Alexander Sharpe Ross - an east coast illustrator. I am not positive but some samples of his signature look almost identical

Deems Taylor referred to in the text was a Music critic and composer (of Disney - Fantasia fame). His first widely recognized composition was the orchestral suite Through the Looking Glass (1919, rev. 1922).

Perhaps this was a concept for a reissue cover??

Read more: Deems Taylor ?Ι?ν?Η¬’?Ι¬Ψ?Η¬ψ?Η¬??Ι¬Ψ?Η¬ψ?Η¬?

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pastel, illustration, disney

Manufacturer:  Alexander Sharpe Ross             Price:  $1400

item designer/artist
*Alexander Sharpe Ross

brief description
*pastel by alexander Sharpe Ross

specific type (vase)

*pastel on paper


*very good - 2 small corners torn off

*Through the looking glass - Deems Taylor ARoss


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